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  Empowering You to Achieve Financial Freedom!  

About Us


We're a finance company dedicated to helping individuals regain control over their financial well-being. We have credit specialists who understands the challenges you may face due to poor credit scores, and we are here to provide you with the tools, knowledge, and support needed to repair your credit and unlock a brighter financial future. Our company operates with transparency, integrity, and a relentless commitment to delivering exceptional results for our clients.

We specialize in credit:

CREDIT RESTORATION which consist of removing negative items and erroneous information, charge-offs, collections, late payments, repossessions, bankruptcies, etc.  We also update personal information by removing old address/employers, etc.

BUSINESS CREDIT BUILDING consists of adding specific tradelines (credit cards, installment loans, etc.) to the credit file to boost the overall score.  We also specialize in credit boosters that immediately raise credit scores.

CREDIT EDUCATION is pivotal for long-term financial success. We provide educational resources, tips, and guidance to help you understand credit, establish healthy financial habits, and maintain a strong credit standing well beyond the restoration process. 

Why Choose Us...

Quality Service

We work hard to help you increase your credit score so you can achieve your financial goals.

Personal Attention

We will keep you informed and send you updates throughout the entire process.


Fast Results

While every person's situation is different, most clients start seeing results in the first 45 days!


Dispute Items Holding Back Your Credit Score

We create personalized dispute letters to challenge errors on derogatory accounts that have a negative impact on your credit rating





Late Payment




Tax Liens


Personal Data

Medical Bills


Reporting Errors

and much more...

Start Seeing Results in As Little As 45 Days!

Credit Restoration

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Our Metro 2 credit restoration specialists will take care of all the heavy lifting and keep you informed throughout the entire process

Plan Includes:

  • Identify Negative Items, Inaccuracies and Errors

  • Personalize Credit Restoration Roadmap

  • Assigned Your Own Personal Credit Specialist

  • Credit Coaching to Help You Maintain a Healthy Credit Score

  • Your Personal Credit Specialist Handles all Paperwork & Processing


  • In-Depth Credit Analysis of your Credit Bureau Report


  • Unlimited Credit Bureau Disputes


  • Unlimited Creditor Disputes


  • Monthly Progress Reports


One-Time Payment

* Plus a $50 Enrollment Fee


Per Month

* Plus a $50 Enrollment Fee

A Few of Our Satisfied Clients 


He helped me get 3 positive trade lines I’m looking forward to what else he has in store for me as we build my credit. I do recommend him he’s very personable communication is always there  - Brittany M.

Ever since working with him, my scores have improved tremendously. His work ethic and professionalism genuinely show. Whenever I have a question, rather than text or email, I always get a response. He knows his stuff when it comes to credit, even home buying. I will recommend him without a doubt to anyone in need of credit repair, credit guidance, and anything credit-related. He has been a significant help to me, and I’m going to continue working with him. - Joshua S.

*$24.99 per month for Credit Monitoring Services

Business Credit

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12 Month Completion Process

Business Credit is essential in the success of a business.

Personal Credit is vital in acquiring funding when a business is brand new with no established credit on an EIN.

Several strategies also presented that can be used to fasten your business credit score to a 100 paydex score.


Business Credibility


Business Vendors (Tier 1 - 4)


Building Business Credit (PG)


Building Business Credit (E.I.N)

Business Credit Pitfalls to Avoid


Business Funding Resources


Leveraging Business Credit (Strategies)

** BONUS **
Free Business Checklist

Free Credit Application Tracker
Free Vendor Checklist

Free Annual Score Tracker

**Personal Credit Score 680+ eligible for business funding is the goal we strive to achieve for clients**


One-Time Payment

The E-Book Outlet
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